LARGER THAN LIFE had an opening reception on March 3 and will be exhibited throughout the month at Strut, 470 Castro St., San Francisco.  The exhibit included 8 (48″ X 60″) tapestries made from portraits done by Joseph Abbati.  Those featured included well known drag queens who have contributed to the LGBTQ community:  Sister Roma, Heklina, Peaches Christ, Honey Mahogany, Juanita More!, Creme Fatale, Grace Towers, and Juicy Liu.

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Save the date: March 3, 2017


Tapestries from photographs by Joseph Abbati

Opening reception @Strut, 470 Castro St.

8-10pm #larger-than-life

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Portuguese Tile Pillows

I was inspired after my visit to Portugal last year to create these pillows from the photos of the beautiful tiles I had taken from the building I saw.  Go to to order.

click pillows to view slideshow

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Kepler Space Observatory Throw

Images of our universe and our space program have been an inspiration for my “Heavenly”collection at  The latest is the Kepler Space Observatory which has been discovering thousands of exoplanets (a planet that orbits a star other than the Sun which may be habitable to life as we know).

This throw of 100% cotton is available in two sizes (50″ X 60″ and 60″ X 80″).

click photo to order


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Holiday Custom Pillows

DQtrs loves making these personalized gifts that will be cherished for years. Here are some of the custom pillows ordered this year for the holidays.

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Wacha Looking At?

Wacha, the dog of Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen, likes to snuggle up to his custom pillow from


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Custom Pillow Weekend Sale

Order a custom pillow for $99 ($150 regular price) through August 24th.

Create a custom pillow with one of your favorite summer time photos of your pet, loved one, or cherished moments.  Click here to order at

Ghengis Kahn Kayla Pillow Custom Pillow Mom & DadMaria_Nick_500

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Repose Collection

“Repose” is the latest collection from  The pillows are jacquard weaves of classic master paintings showing women in repose or reclining.  The affect on a sofa, chair, or bed makes for a relaxing reminder to sit back and enjoy your living quarters.

(Click to view enlarged)

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First Ladies

DQtrs First Ladies have been digitally enhanced to look abstract initially but when seen from a distance their faces become clear.  Much like their role in the White House, these ladies are not quite apparent to us at first.  When viewed from afar they become discernible and add a contemporary backdrop to a traditional heritage.

These ladies are made of 100% cotton woven jacquard.  They measure 17in. X 17in. (43cm X 43cm) and are backed with a black tweed made of a sustainable blend of 45% hemp, 45% organic cotton, and 10% wool.  And yes, they are made in the U.S.A.

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DQtrs’ New Site

DQtrs has a new site.  The look is similar but much easier to navigate.  The collection’s landing pages allow you to view everything at once and stay on the page when ordering.  More photos have been added to the “Before and After” page in the “Custom” pillow area. This provides a better understanding of how photos transform when made into a woven pillow.

This DQtrs Blog now has a RSS feed allowing you to read this directly from the site. And, the Press section allows readers to view each post in a slide show format.




If you find a bug or have a suggestion to make it even better please share.

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