DQtrs Launches at Propeller March 24th

Dqtrs will have it’s official opening at Propeller (555 Hayes St., San Francisco) March 24th from 7-9pm.


DQtrs on Baas

Four variations of “Augustus’ Ascension” pillow from DQtrs is seen here on the Maarten Baas “Smoke” chair at Propeller, San Francisco.

Augustus Ascends At Propeller

“The Ascension of Augustus” is installed at Propeller, 555 Hayes St., San Francisco.  The tapestry  is part of the “Heavenly Bodies” series from DQtrs.  It measures 76″ X 56″ and in an edition of 12.

The Ascension of Augustus

Installation at Propeller

Apollo Viewed From The CupolaDQtrs will be installing new product today at Propeller, San Francisco.  The tapestry wall hangings will be able to seen in settings that connect with the pillow collections. We’ll be announcing an opening night event happening in March.

Caligula on Mars!

What a perfect landing for Caligula on the Martian surface.  Mars (the bringer of war) seemed appropriate for this leader and now that he’s stationed there we can view without trepidation.  From the Roman Qtrs collection.  http://dqtrs.com/DQtrs/Roman_Qtrs.html

Robotnaut Ready For Takeoff

The “Robonaut” will be ascending the heavens this month on the final Space Shuttle launch and we have a pillow to commemorate it. It will become the first dextrous humanoid robot in space.  View the Robonaut pillow at DQtrs or  at Propeller (555 Hayes St., San Francisco). Learn more about Robonaut 2 at the NASA site.