Venus Finds New Orbit

Venus finds a new orbit in the DQtrs’ “Heavenly Qtrs” along with a new Jupiter seen in full.  Visit at


Launch Party

It rained all day but the heavens parted around 6 to 9 and the sun came out for the launch party last night of DQtrs @ Propeller.  It was a great event and I have to thank everyone who showed up when the weather forecast threatened with thunder storms. Cheers!

Mars Landscape @ Propeller

This Martian landscape is a tryptic of pillows that will be for sale at the reception for DQtrs, Thursday, March 24th, 7-9pm at Propeller during the Hayes Valley Art + Design Walk.

New Heavenly Bodies Discovered

New “Heavenly Bodies” have been discovered in the DQtrs cosmos.  Mercury, Earth, and two Space Shuttle images to salute the end of this space program are offered now.  See them at the reception for DQtrs Thursday, March 24th at Propeller (555 Hayes St., San Francisco) 7-9pm.