My Father’s 90th Birthday & Parent’s Anniversary

My father celebrated his 90th birthday along with his 64th anniversary to my mother on August 30.  To commemorate this I created two custom pillows.  One of my father looking so handsome when in the navy and the other of their wedding photo.  I salute them and their endearing love for one another and longevity.


“Crowd Sourcing” @ Propeller

A new tapestry wall hanging has been installed at Propeller (555 Hayes St., San Francisco) accompanied with pillows in a collection called “Crowd Sourcing”.   Fill an empty room immediately with people and get the party started.  

DQtrs @ Arttitud’s Event “Bohemian Socials Go Back To The Future”

Dqtrs has an installation at Arttitud for their event “Bohemian Socials Go Back To The Future” tonight August 13, 2011 at 111 Potrero Ave., San Francisco. 

Create Your Own Pillow @ DQtrs

Introducing custom made pillows.  We’ll weave you favorite digital photo of yourself, loved one, per, or moment into a custom woven pillow that will be cherished and loved for years.  Visit our custom page at