Portuguese Tile Pillows

I was inspired after my visit to Portugal last year to create these pillows from the photos of the beautiful tiles I had taken from the building I saw.  Go to DQtrs.com to order.

click pillows to view slideshow


Terry Rosen Pillows for DQtrs @ Wantful.com

Terry Rosen’s bracelet pillows for DQtrs are now available at Wantful.com  This is a fabulous gifting site where you can create your own personal gift book to be given to your recipient so that they can choose which gift they like.


My Father’s 90th Birthday & Parent’s Anniversary

My father celebrated his 90th birthday along with his 64th anniversary to my mother on August 30.  To commemorate this I created two custom pillows.  One of my father looking so handsome when in the navy and the other of their wedding photo.  I salute them and their endearing love for one another and longevity.