SFGate on DQtrs at ICFF

SFGate’s post coverage on DQtrs at ICFF.


My Artistic Home

Lovely post by “My Artistic Home”. http://myartistichome.blogspot.com/2011/05/icff-2011-by-dqtrs.html

DQtrs at ICFF Preview in SF Chronicle’s Datebook

Nice feature today in San Francisco Chronicle’s Datebook on San Francisco Designers who are participating at ICFF this week in New York.

“Sleeping Buddha” Pillow Triptych featured at ICFF

The “Sleeping Buddha” triptych of pillows will be featured at this year’s ICFF May 14-17 in New York at the Javits Convention Center.  DQtrs will be in booth 1474.Sleeping Buddha Triptych of Pillows