Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) RIP @DQtrs #Neil Armstrong


Moon Discovered!

Discover Magazine’s blog “Bad Astronomy” wants to curl up with DQtrs moonscape throw.  I’m already getting orders from places like Australia for it.

Space Shuttle @ Propeller

The “Space Shuttle Collage” tapestry wall hanging measuring 76″ X 56″ is now on view at Propeller, San Francisco.  This is a collage of the Space Shuttle that captures the images of the shuttle along with a view of the Hubbel space telescope.  A limited edition of 12 are available.

Post ICFF Postings

A nice posting on Cornell & Münzer Design International’s blog “zhr2sfo” highlighting DQtrs and some notable new designs at ICFF 2011.

New Heavenly Bodies Discovered

New “Heavenly Bodies” have been discovered in the DQtrs cosmos.  Mercury, Earth, and two Space Shuttle images to salute the end of this space program are offered now.  See them at the reception for DQtrs Thursday, March 24th at Propeller (555 Hayes St., San Francisco) 7-9pm.

Augustus Ascends At Propeller

“The Ascension of Augustus” is installed at Propeller, 555 Hayes St., San Francisco.  The tapestry  is part of the “Heavenly Bodies” series from DQtrs.  It measures 76″ X 56″ and in an edition of 12.

The Ascension of Augustus