B&N – Rex Ray – DQtrs

B+N Industries displayed their Rex Ray collaboration of  Infused Veneer™ Panels, carved relief Iconic Panels™ , and a new line of wood furniture in December. The installation also included pillows from DQtrs of the Rex Ray Studio collection.558804_253429761450728_199525400_n 182332_253429764784061_158212251_n 432364_253429701450734_545618039_n 522606_253429738117397_618963821_n


Terry Rosen Pillows for DQtrs @ Wantful.com

Terry Rosen’s bracelet pillows for DQtrs are now available at Wantful.com  This is a fabulous gifting site where you can create your own personal gift book to be given to your recipient so that they can choose which gift they like.


Post ICFF Postings

A nice posting on Cornell & Münzer Design International’s blog “zhr2sfo” highlighting DQtrs and some notable new designs at ICFF 2011.