DQtrs + Touch Of Modern Sale

Touch of Modern is hosting a sale of DQtrs pillows February 4-9, 2013.  They’ve curated a very elegant and geometric collection of graphic designs for your boudoir or living quarters.  Save 33% off retail price.



Astro-Chic at Elle DE

The “Saturn” pillow was featured in Elle magazine (German edition).  DQtrs’ designer, Joseph Abbati, got credit along with stellar names such as Emilio Pucci and Sergio Rossi.  It seems the Italians have aligned in what is called “Astro-Chic”.  Available at DQtrs.com and CultureLabel.com

New Hydrozoan & Spotted Eel Pillows

Two new pillows from the “Underworld” collection have been added.  The Hydrozoans create an other worldly face with this split and mirrored image and the Spotted Eel looks at itself with colorful sea life framing the pillow.

Robotnaut Ready For Takeoff

The “Robonaut” will be ascending the heavens this month on the final Space Shuttle launch and we have a pillow to commemorate it. It will become the first dextrous humanoid robot in space.  View the Robonaut pillow at DQtrs or  at Propeller (555 Hayes St., San Francisco). Learn more about Robonaut 2 at the NASA site.